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19 July

New Forum

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I have been able to migrate the Member information to the new Forum so there is no need to register again, just use your original Login Information!

You will have to reload your Avatar as that could not be migrated.


  • Built in ability to insert Media
  • Superior Post Editor/Creator
  • Rate Posts
  • Built in Stats and MUCH More!
12 July

Cabal Events

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Cabal Events are kicking off in the Following Categories!

  Story Dungeons   Elite Dungeons   PvP Pre-Mades

The Days they will be on are the Top Three Voted Days in last weeks Poll.  The Events themselves may move around but the selected days will remain the same.

More Event Types to come!

Check the forum Sticky for information about signing up for Events!

07 July

Event Night Poll Results

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Upon Conclusion of the Event Night Poll the following results were recorded.

Total Votes 25

1st - Saturday Night

2nd - Friday Night

3rd - Tuesday Night

4th - Sunday Night

5th - Tie - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Nights

01 July

July 5th Update!

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ARG Weapon given on July 5th

Weapon Unlock

  • Unlock both active and passive pages *Reduced cost for first weapon
  • Increased base inventory size from 25 to 35
  • Increased ap and sp gain at level 50


  • Higher extraordinary drop rate
  • Guaranteed extraordinary once a day
  • XP reward for repeats
  • Reduced the MoF cost of sprint II
  • Adding a glhpy or signet no longer cost MoF


  • Anyone can trade once you reach level 15
  • No changes to patron

Patronage Upgrade

  • 20% MoF from challenges
  • 20% MoF Daily Cap
  • Double AP & SP Gain
  • Free Teleport wherever (shift T)

Downtime Compensation (Already Given Out)

  • 25 ap/sp
  • 10k mof
  • 4k anima shards
  • 1 blue talisman fusion booster
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